This game mode is particularly good to work on your aim. Each team has a set of targets to protect, and, in this game, being hit by an arrow means you will have to step out for an undetermined time.

There are two very simple ways to walk out victorious in this mode:

  1. Eliminate all players on the opposing team
  2. Knock down all five targets of the opposing team

There are also two ways to come back in the game once you’ve taken a hit:

  1. Your teammate catches an arrow – this revives you, and eliminates the shooter
  2. Your teammate knocks down a target – one target down is one teammate back in the game

So how exactly does this game help you sharpen your aim? Well, you have moving targets, your opponents, but you also have targets that stay put and out in the open. So, if you’re having an off game, just aim for those targets; they won’t run away from you and it’s also a much quicker road to victory for your team!

*DodgeBow Staff Tips

  1. AIM FOR THE TARGETS. Don’t forget that they cannot hide behind obstacles like your opponents can. There are also only five targets, instead of the 12 players to take down.
  2. SHOOT FROM THE FRONT. You’re more likely to make a target fall. Also, nothing is more intimidating than someone who isn’t afraid to put themselves on the line.
  3. TARGETS. If your team is in a situation where you have more targets to take down than teammates on your side, please, oh please, aim for the targets.
  4. STAY BACK. In a situation where your aim for the targets just is not working and you have a teammate out, hang in the back of the field. You will have a much easier time catching an arrow to revive someone.

*Strategy Tip

  1. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Divide your team so that some players are aiming for targets and others are aiming for players.
  2. SWAT TEAM. This one might be a little tricky to put together. Have a teammate or two with the task of swatting incoming arrows away from the targets. Odds are that they will be targeted, but just means that your opponents are distracted long enough for you take them down, or one of their targets.

We hope this gives you a good idea of what there is to come! See you in the DodgeBow Arena — and let the odds be ever in your favour!