This particular mode is used as a warm-up game at DodgeBow. In this game, you will never have to face an actual elimination. The rules are very simple. There are two teams facing off, one on each side of the arena. You must shoot at the opposing team and when someone is hit, they must raise their bow and crossover to play for the other team. If the player is shot again, they swap teams again. The game keeps going on until all players are on the same side of the field. This is a great game to try out as many things as possible, like taking shots at weird angles or catching arrows. This is a fun game to put everything on the line, because, ironically, there isn’t anything on the line. *DodgeBow Staff Tips
  1. DO NOT hide behind obstacles, this game is much more fun being played out in the open! You can consider this as a time to know what being shot feels like instead of finding out during a competitive game.
  2. Take shots from all four corners of the field. You never know where you might find your hot spot to snipe your opponents.
  3. Try to catch arrows! Not a bad time to practice, because a failed catch just means you switch sides and try again! Catching arrows is a skill you will use, so why not practice when failing does not really count.
  4. Get shot! Learn to take a hit, it will prepare you for your upcoming battles!
We hope this gives you a good idea of what there is to come! See you in the DodgeBow Arena — and let the odds be ever in your favor!